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Freelancer discovery wiki

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Personal tools Create account Log in. Servers Server info Server List. Discovery Neural Net Currently containing 5, articles, 6, images and , edits. Announcements and news V4. See the official announcement on the Discovery Gaming Community forums and the change log in the announcement for more information. This means that most of our 5, pages will need updating for the new mod version, with all that that implies.

In other words: Please pardon our dust, and expect it to take some time. This is a community effort, after all. There is a group of Discovery players organising some updates on Discord. User creation log. For decades, millions died in the inconclusive conflict until the Coalition finally managed to gain the upper hand. In desperation, the Alliance secretly constructed five sleeper ships in the hopes of fleeing the Sol System with hundreds of thousands of colonists to begin a new civilization free from the strife and prejudices that had plagued Sol for so long.

The five ships were the Bretonia holding British colonists , the Rheinland holding German colonists , the Hispania holding Spanish colonists , the Kusari holding Japanese colonists , and the Liberty holding American colonists. As the five sleeper ships launched from one of the moons of Jupiter, a Coalition fleet arrived and tried to attack the sleeper ships. Even though Bretonia had its starboard engines damaged, they broke through the Coalition blockade and headed for the Sirius Sector.

The Coalition has most likely become extremely powerful over the many years it has had full control of the entire Sol System, judging by the advanced technology it had already developed when the Alliance Colonists were only first arriving at Sirius. On an interesting note, rumors in certain quarters of Malta speak of three other sleeper ships being constructed by the Alliance.

The truth of these rumors is unknown, as is the identity of the supposed three other ships. After the sleeper ships arrived in Sirius, they went their separate ways. The first ship to arrive was the Liberty, one year after the Exodus. They settled in the center of the Sirius System where they took advantage of the high amount of Earth-like planets, main sequence stars, and metal-abundant asteroid fields.

It is said that the Liberty launched before the other ships to arrive in Sirius first, so they could choose the best place to settle before any other ship would arrive. The Rheinland arrived 3 years after the Exodus and settled near the Walker Nebula to take advantage of its high amount of metal deposits. They founded Planet New Berlin. Shortly after, the Kusari arrived and settled in the Crow Nebula, where they took advantage of the large amount of gases to make H-Fuel , a necessary fuel for ships.

They founded Planet New Tokyo. The Bretonia was the last to arrive because its starboard engines were damaged by the Coalition during the Exodus. Since the most favorable areas were already settled in by the Liberty, Rheinland, and Kusari, the Bretonia was forced to settle in the Barrier Nebula , a giant belt of ice asteroids that had very few hospitable planets.

This was a very unfavorable place to settle, but the Bretonia managed to make the best of it by taking advantage of the abundant amount of asteroids containing metal. They founded Planet New London. The Hispania sleeper ship was sabotaged and thought to be lost. If you go to the bars in Planet Malta or Planet Crete , you will find out that half of the Hispania colonists used the escape pods to leave the ship and search for a hospitable planet on their own.

They eventually found Planet Crete in Omicron Gamma. Later, these colonists would become the Corsairs , the largest pirate group in Sirius. The other half took their chances with the wreck and drifted into Omicron Alpha , near Planet Malta. They then became the pirate group known as the Outcasts. The Corsairs and the Outcasts believe that the saboteur who damaged the Hispania was from one of the other four sleeper ships who was trying to eliminate the competition for the best places to settle in Sirius, which is why the two pirate groups refuse to make peace with the four houses.

The wreck of the Hispania still drifts in orbit above Planet Malta.

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Note: This article is talking about Freelancer the game. If you were looking for other uses, please check out either Freelancer ID for the ID, Freelancers, or Freelancer (Pilot) for the commodity. During AD, the Sol System was in a state of civil war with two factions battling for domination of Sol. The two sides were the Alliance (composed of the US, Western Europe, and Japan) and the Coalition (composed of Russia, China, and the Middle East). For decades, millions died in the inconclusive. Discovery is one of the biggest Freelancer mods (having the main server - Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 - with player slots, and players on at all times). It's other official servers are Discovery UK RP 24/7, and Discovery USA RP 24/7. There have been many versions of the Discovery mod for Freelancer, all expanding greatly on the previous. The latest mod, has been one of the largest updates to Freelancer in its history. It has taken years to devlope this new version, and rightly so. Freelancer — компьютерная игра в жанре космического симулятора, разработанная американской студией Digital Anvil и выпущенная Microsoft Game Studios для Microsoft Windows.